Glasses and Frames

Individually you, a choice of Brands and Fashions to Suit you

With just under 50 locations nationwide we have a huge range of frames and brands available with styles to suit every occasion. Fashion and brands play an important role in our lives and how we present ourselves to the world. Having something unique, suiting only us is important, that's why in EyeZone independent Opticians we offer the widest range of frame styles, so you can be individually you. You are unique and so are how your glasses should fit, along with your new custom frame we fit only the highest quality lenses this the most important feature and another element which is uniquely you.

Important considerations

When choosing your prescription frames or sunglasses frames you should consider the practicality and frequency of use as well as how the frame complements your lifestyle and your looks including your facial shape. While fashion considerations are probably the most topical and important to you when you are deciding on a pair of frames, there are some practical matters that should be considered when deciding on a frame to suit you.

The frame should be appropriate for your eyesight and your unique prescription type of lenses they are going to hold. If you are getting bifocals, the vertical length dimension of the lenses must be large enough to fit both the distance and near section of your lens. If you have a strong prescription, you should choose a frame with a smaller lens, as the larger a lens is the considerably thicker and heavier it becomes.  A fine, delicate frame is not appropriate for high prescriptions, as it will have difficulty supporting thicker lenses. When fitting a frame to your face it should sit comfortably still and not slide down your nose, it doesn’t matter how good your frames look if you spend all your time adjusting them and sliding them up and down your nose.

Active Eyewear

We know that there are many things in your life which will require specific eyewear and specialised products for eye care. We at EyeZone provide you with a full range of services to keep you protected when you’re doing what you have to do and doing what you love to do. Have a look at this section and if there is anything specialised you require simple call into an EyeZone Optician today or email for more information.

Designer Frames

Because you are unique so should be your frames, with hundreds of brands and thousands of styles to choose from EyeZone promises to offer you the most comprehensive and up to date styles across our range. 

Just call into an EyeZone member to view their individual selection of frames, and keep an eye here for exclusive offers to EyeZone customers.