Eye Exams

At EyeZone all our Opticians & Optometrists have committed to providing the very best eye test. We listened to what our patients told us and developed an eye test which we know will give your eyes the best quality eye examination available. This is our promise!

Your local EyeZone optometrist will listen to everything you tell us about your eyes, and don't worry, we know the relevant questions to ask so we can find out what you may forget to tell us. Remember, all EyeZone opticians are experienced qualified optometrists and all are accredited members of the Association of Optometrists Ireland. And because EyeZone is a representative body for only High Quality independent opticians it means we own our own practices, so we know what great eye sight is all about. We know that you need as much time as it takes to ensure you get a really good eye examination and really accurate prescription for your glasses.

Important information that we will take into account for your examination:

  • Your history, symptoms, medical, family and eye history will be taken
  • Your vision with and without your glasses, for distance and near will be measured.
  • We will look at you pupils, your eye movements and your field of vision.
  • We will use special equipment to see if there is any problem with how your eyes are seeing
  • We will ask you to read a chart and use more special equipment to find what lenses you need to see the very best that you can.
  • We will check how the muscles in your eyes are working
  • We will check to see if your two eyes are working together and if they don’t how we can help them to work better together.
  • Then you near vision is checked and all those tests we did for the distance vision are repeated for your close vision. 
  • We find what special extra lenses you may need for reading or for computer use.
  • We will check you for glaucoma by checking the pressure in your eyes.
  • We will look at the back of your eye to see if there are any signs of eye disease such as AMD.
  • Some eyezone opticians will take a photo of the back of your eye.
  • Sometimes we need to carry out extra tests to investigate in greater depth if there is a problem;
  • Dilated eye examination; special drops will be put into your eyes which make you pupil open wide and allow the optician see all of the back of your eye.
  • Field test; a special machine is used to check how much you are seeing around you and in your peripheral (side) vision.

Your local EyeZone optician can offer you a detailed professional eye examination every time you visit. Your eyes are special and so are you, we don’t believe in conveyor belt optics, you will see the same optician throughout your visit with an EyeZone optician and every subsequest time you go back we will ensure you get to see the same optician throughout your visit. Your optician should get to know you as well as your eyes. Personal eyecare is important because your need to trust the person looking after your eyesight; probably your most precious sense.