The EyeZone corporate EyeCare programme offers employers an easy to use measureable pay per use eye exam system that fulfils your employee VDU obligations utilising local high quality Optometrists. We also offer a complete prescription safety eyewear service with Bolle who are our specialist Safety eyewear suppliers. 

Rather than just a VDU Screening, EyeZone offers your employees a comprehensive eye exam and provides your employee with FREE VDU glasses, should they be required solely and specifically for VDU use - all for a fee of just €25 per employee. All EyeZone EyeCare cards are issued on a pay per use basis, so you only pay for what your employees use, rather than an upfront voucher system used by other opticians. We also offer an online tracking system, this offers you the opportunity to track when and where our EyeCare cards have been used and provides you with a record for your employee's Health and Safety plan. 

We’re ready and waiting to offer employers a uniquely personal, cost-effective solution that never compromises the quality of care their employees receive. For just €25, each of your employees will receive:

  • A full eye exam
  • Free VDU specific glasses from our €69 range
  • 15% Employee and Family Discount off complete glasses

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