Don’t Try to See Using the Force (Unless you’re a Jedi, of course)

A regular eye exam should be part of your regular health checkup routine, like an dental or doctors visit, an optical check up is advised at the minimum every 2 years for normal healthy eyes.

But did you know that this is covered for FREE for every person in full time employment paying PRSI or every person with a medical card. We all have a habit of putting these things off, but it’s so important to have our eyes checked. Have a look at the issues you may not know about here.

We’ve recently been told a story about a customer who thought they were last in the opticians not too long ago, it in fact turned out to be over 12 years ago, his glasses were so far out that he was basically driving using the force, but this is not uncommon, especially amongst men.  Speaking as a man, I know I’m guilty of this and i’ve put checkups on the long finger more than once.

Our eyes gradually change, especially as we age, so dramatic changes aren’t what we need to look for, instead gradual incremental changes are key. This is why it’s so important to schedule regular eye exams, your local independent optician will be able to help and keep you advise, so why not book an exam today.

There are also other good reasons to book and eye exam such as Glaucoma and AMD but to mention 2 of the more serious problems that are so important to be caught early, so if you think its been a while since your last eye exam, book one right now here.

An eye exam at an EyeZone Optician is probably free with you prsi, but if its not a full eye exam will cost €35-40 euro on average, and we guarantee we’re extremely competitive. We also offer the widest range of frames and lenses to suit every taste. 

So Book your exam today. 

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EyeZone is part of the Association of Optometrists Ireland and a proud sponsor of Brighteyes Week and AMD week.

Dont End Up with Vision Like this

Blurred Vision Image, Don't end up like tis