Contact Lenses

What is a contact lens?

Contact lenses are small discs made from special plastic materials which when inserted onto the front of the eye, allowing the wearer to see as if they were wearing their glasses. Contact lenses were first developed in the 1950’s but technology has developed significantly since then, making contact lenses more comfortable, easier to use, healthier for the eyes and more affordable.

Because of these developments almost anyone, of any age can use a contact lens. There are many different types of contact lenses, all providing different benefits depending on what your individual eye care needs are. At EyeZone, all our opticians are highly experienced in fitting contact lenses and will find the right lens to suit you and your lifestyle. EyeZone independent opticians only fit high quality branded contact lenses which are quality assured.

What are the benefits of wearing contact lenses?

Contact lenses give you freedom of choice. You can choose to wear them how you like, providing you follow the care and wear regime set up for you by your EyeZone optician. Contact lenses allow you to experience a freedom of vision which wearing glasses does not.

They are more suitable for those who live an active lifestyle or play sport as wearing glasses can sometimes prevent full enjoyment of certain activities. Contact lenses also make seeing more comfortable if your glasses have thick lenses or are uncomfortable to wear, contact lenses will give you a break from your glasses.